Jaipur Toy Poodles Guarantee

 Please read carefully!  If there are any questions please ask for clarification.  This guarantee is available for the puppy up to one year of age. 

 This guarantee is by and between Jaipur Toy Poodles and the Buyer which provides for the benefits outlined below. 

           Luxating Patella’s must be diagnosed during the initial veterinary examination and reported to Jaipur Toy Poodles within 72 hours of arrival.  Due to many factors that can affect this condition, Jaipur Toy Poodles cannot be responsible for luxating patella’s that are not evident at the time of arrival or initial vet exam. 

          Anesthetic deaths are not covered.  Anytime an animal undergoes anesthesia, the owner and vet must assume some liability.  Many times anesthetic deaths go without a specific diagnosis due to the many variables that are involved. 

           Heart murmurs should be diagnosed during the initial vet examination since it is not Jaipur Toy Poodles policy to  sell any animal with this condition.  Heart murmurs can occur for many reasons that are never of any consequence to the pet or the pet’s quality of life.  Any other heart murmur that is diagnosed after the initial vet exam must be affecting the day to day life of the pet and require daily medications to qualify.

           Behavior problems are extremely complex in nature with many factors influencing the overall behavior of the pet.  The main influence of behavior is the home environment and the owners.  The breeder is not responsible for this since the puppies are raised to be sociable and loving.

           Testicles are not guaranteed on any puppy that is sold as a pet. All toy breeds have very small testicles that may or may not be detectable at the vet exam. This is not a life threatening problem therefore, Jaipur Toy Poodles is not responsible if the puppy does not have both testicles descended equally. Since all puppies are to be neutered in the new home, retained testicles will not affect the health of the puppy. We also do not refund any extra costs incurred for neutering a male dog with undescended testicles. 

           Hypoglycemia (Sugar Drop) is not guaranteed.  This is common in all small breeds of dogs.  All necessary information is provided to the new owner and this becomes their responsibility. 

           Worms and Parasites—Every effort will be made to ensure that no parasites or worms are present in the new puppy.  Due to the life stages of these hosts, I cannot guarantee there will never be any present in the puppy.  These hosts can include worms, coccidia and giardia.  These can be brought on due to the move, stress, change of diet, too much handling, not enough quiet time and/or not eating properly.  These conditions are treatable and are not covered under this guarantee. 

           Mortality of a puppy will require a full necropsy ( NOT PARTIAL), along with a full blood toxicology report to determine if the breeder is responsible for replacing the puppy.  The cost of the necropsy will be the responsibility of the new owner. If you choose not to have this procedure done than NO REPLACEMENT WILL BE MADE. The necropsy must be done at a state lab explaining the cause of death and results furnished before we can determine if a replacement is warranted. Please remember that a replacement puppy is only given if all terms are met and a life threatening condition was diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian, not for any other reason. 

Puppy health problems that are either common, treatable, operable, curable and/or non-life threatening, whether apparent or undiagnosed at the time of purchase are not warranted under this limited health guarantee. If your puppy checks out okay at the initial required 72 hour veterinarian visit, then that is the limit of my warranty. 

        Jaipur Toy Poodles does its best to approximate the adult weight of each puppy based on past litters and the size of the parents.  We do not guarantee the size since it is not an exact science in projecting the adult weight.   

      I further guarantee that all of my breeding dogs have been genetically tested with Optigen for PRA-PRCD (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and I guarantee that no puppy will develop or go blind from PRA-PRCD.  For more information on PRA please visit 

      It is the condition of this guarantee that a licensed veterinarian performs a complete physical examination within 72 hours of arrival in the home.  This puppy has received the first shots necessary for its protection to date. If your vet insists on giving the shots again then we are not responsible for any reactions or illnesses now or in the future. You must take the shot records we give you to your vet so that he knows what vaccinations were given.  If leptospirosis vaccine is given to this puppy, the guarantee is null and void. We do not recommend leptospirosis vaccine for small breeds due to the high incidence of reactions or death.  Jaipur Toy Poodles does not pay for health examinations, vaccinations, diagnoses or treatment for anything that does not fall under this guarantee.  This guarantee will be void if the puppy has not been kept current on all shots and veterinary visits.  


      If a puppy is found to have a health problem at its initial vet visit and purchaser opts to treat this puppy instead, Jaipur Toy Poodles is not responsible for any expenses incurred or for the death of the puppy.  No refunds or replacements will be made. 

      This guarantee is void in the event of an undeterminable or inconclusive diagnosis.  This guarantee does not include any illness due to ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, physical injury, sugar drops (hypoglycemia), or legg perthes. 

      Should action under this guarantee be necessary, I reserve the right to resolve any problem by the following means and with the stipulations listed below: 

           -Replace the puppy based on the findings of MY veterinarian following a consultation with the client’s veterinarian.  A second opinion from an unassociated veterinarian is required before consultation.  If puppy should be returned for any reason, the buyer is responsible for the shipping cost, health certificate and return of all medical records.  

           There is a $200.00 NON REFUNDABLE fee/deposit which is not returned if the puppy is returned to me or if you decide not to purchase a puppy after you made the deposit. If a puppy is returned a refund will be made when the puppy is placed in a new home. The previous owner will only receive what the puppy can be sold for minus the $200.00 fee/deposit and any costs associated with the rehoming of the puppy. 

NOTE:  No surgery can be performed without consulting the breeder.  If this should occur no compensations will be made. 

      Jaipur Toy Poodles has a current inspection certificate of all records, dogs and kennel conditions by the American Kennel Club.  All stud dogs have DNA certificates.  All breeding stock is tested by Optigen for progressive retinal atrophy or are clear by parentage.  All of my pets are micro chipped by Home Again. Any documents are available by request .  I am the recipient of the Breeder of Merit award from the American Kennel Club.  To see Breeder of Merit requirements please go to

This guarantee is subject to change without prior notification and is nontransferable..