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I have been breeding Toy Poodles for over 30 years. My love of dogs started in 1970 when I started showing Afghan Hounds. In 1978, I bought my first toy poodle, Den Lou’s Devil In Disguise (Ch. Den Lou’s The Devils Advocate ex Ch. Petticoat DeGillen). He was a wonderful, short backed, in size black little guy. He became pointed and had some nice show wins. That was when I knew I loved the breed. My Poodles are kept in my home in clean, calm conditions. I want to breed stable Poodles that excel here as well as in your home. I reserve the right to place puppies in homes I approve of and will guide you to choose the right puppy for your household.

All breeding stock is tested by Optigen LLC of Ithaca, New York for prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) which causes blindness in poodles. Because of this testing, we can now safely breed puppies without this problem. ( www.optigen.com ) No poodle is bred from that exhibits allergies or seizures. Puppies are sold with health certificates and are accurately described. My puppies will work their way into your heart with brains and sweetness. I am a member of the Washington Poodle Club, National Dog Groomers Association and have received the AKC Breeder of Merit award. I also participate in the Bred with Heart Program.  Please email for particulars or phone. Please check out the available puppies page. For more information

304-258-0945 or mthompson@JaipurToyPoodles.com

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